Auto Garden

The worlds most advanced garden planning software 

Auto-Garden is the most sophisticated garden planning software on the market. We provide the ability to satellite view your address, enter the bounds of your garden, and then choose specifications about the features important to you. Datafly then searches a database of 1M+ plants and picks exactly the right plants for you. With Aut0-Garden making a garden has never been easier.

The largest plant database

With over 1M+ plants there’s no chance you won’t find the plant you want. We have all sorts of plants in the database including flowers, trees, fruits, succulents, etc…

Planning to the extreme

Datafly gives you the power to choose what plants to grow, where they will be located, and how many you want. Our add, delete, and swap buttons make it easy to modify the plants in your garden real-time

Never before seen features

Our software allows users to specify where the sun and water is located in a yard. Datafly then looks to all the plants that meet the users specifications and then optimally place the plants around the sun and water. This way plants will be able to flourish in their environment.

Graphical Interface

You can just click where your sun and water is located

Description: Specifying where the sun and water is located within a garden is vital towards allowing plants to prosper. In this module we allow you to put where the sun and water is located within your garden so that plants can be optimally placed

Advanced specifications and importance values

You can choose from a variety of different plant attributes

Description: Picking the right plants is crucial so that you can have the plants that grow well in your environment. Choosing plants can be tricky because they require the right temperature, humidity, soil conditions, irrigation, nutrients, sun, water, etc… You may also specify how important each attribute is to you from least to most importance.

Intuitive Garden

You can now see exactly how your garden will look before its even planted

Description: Once all the plants are chosen and located, you may then look at the attributes of each plant to make sure they should be grown in your garden. Datafly allows you to see your plants directly from street view so that you can see exactly how your plants would look in your garden.